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  2. Mainstem Black River Trail, Alpine, Arizona.
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From Buffalo crossing, you will find a small path that traverses the East Fork which leads South. Continue down this path for about 1 mile until you reach a gated fence.

Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant/Chapter XXXVI

Go through the gate, if the gate is closed then close it. If it is open, leave it open as this barrier helps guide wildlife grazing. As you continue through the fence you will reach Wildcat.

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The Proper Function. Menu Home Functions Diversions About. Images: 7. LOL Stickbait but like Mexico most people are too lazy to take those trips!! At least that's what I have always banked on and for the most part it's true. I have been going to the Black since 86 and the spot we go is such a mother f er to get into I have only seen signs of other people being there 3 times. That is something else huh Anyhow that is a shame and I would not go to Tick Flats or any other marked spot on the Black if someone paid me.

Just gettN in there is an adventure in itself. You currently have 0 posts. B ass'o'holic A To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater.

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This was my first trip ever to the Black River and I plan on making it a more common occurance. It is awesome up there! Great fishing, beautiful sceanery, and you need 4x4 to get there. Couldnt ask for more. Images: 3. Originally Posted by StickBait. So why do we have a fishing reports section? I agree with you airmark. I was just asking those other fellas why we cant post black river reports? I mean its not like the place is a secret.

Like you said most people will drag ass quick or never make the trip anyways. Im sure the people who left the dead fish have been there before and if they havent hopefully they dont come back.

Mainstem Black River Trail, Alpine, Arizona.

Cause I have no problem with keeping fish as long as you use them. Images: 5. Originally Posted by airmark. Originally Posted by Flippin Stick. Now right there is horse shit, wasting fish resources like that, plus keeping all you catch is exactly why the fishing on the river has declined so much in the last years. Airmark you should be ashamed of yourself for being related or "friends with" to the jack offs that just "leave fish in a pile" Selfish and I sure hope the SCGF find you guys doing that and put your ass in jail.

I am betting that a whiteman in a Apache jail is almost the worst it can get and for your "bras" I hope it happens. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Search this Thread Advanced Search.

‘A senseless act of vandalism’: ferns cut down at popular picnic spot

BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Terms of Use. Search Forums. Go to Page Is the road to Military Crossing better, worse, or the same as Wooden Crossing?

WhiteTail Crossing & Smoke Shop

When we were young and foolish we were, well, young and foolish Nowadays, with jobs, families, etc. Our trip to Wooden Crossing was a little stressful; my brother and I in one truck, realizing that if we broke something down there we were in for a world of hurt.

Water, conditions, weather was beautiful Beats me. I've never done the rough roads out there without another truck with me. Although, the other truck is always the one stuck in the rut or lava rock looking stuff. Its certainly remote and rugged territory.

Michigan Bed And Breakfast Association

Not a place to go unprepared or with equipment not up to par. There are roads back there that haven't seen a rig in decades, lots of great places for those willing to explore. Below the pump its still worth the trip. Fair enough, you got me on that one. His Dodge is a RAM crew, 4x4, with ridiculously big tires and a big lift kit.

Unlike my brother I'm not all that knowledgeable about autos but he convinced me that his truck can go just about anywhere. And we were both equally worried about getting back out in the dark after we made it in.