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PETA is trying to get the county to change the name to something 'more respecting' of chickens.

Fear According to Savage Chickens

After all, they're individuals and that name isn't kind to poultry. Sometimes both. Changing the name of Chicken Dinner Road would show compassion to chickens and respect for other species, she said.

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She said PETA would help pay for replacing the sign. How the name of the road came to be — it used to be called Lane 12 — is a story in and of itself. The tale has many versions, each with devotees, according to previous Idaho Statesman reporting. Other facts are less certain.

What is a LANNY-YAP?

The most popular account has Lamb preparing her famous fried chicken for then-Gov. She did, then he did. Then again, Leppert acknowledged, a governor does have clout.

The name was catchy, so it stuck. If the name of the road was ever changed, other aspects of Idaho life may be affected. Houston Vineyards, which is located at Chicken Dinner Road, celebrates the name through its Chicken Dinner wine series.

Shakespeare According to Savage Chickens

Chicken Dinner Road is also the name of an Idaho bluegrass band out of Middleton founded in If you work for a living, why kill yourself working? I guess peta hasn't yet heard about Buckshutem road here in south Jersey! And tell them to do both. Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult. Winner winner chicken dinner A good conservative will give you the shirt off his back. A good liberal will give you the shirt off someone else's back.

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Are houses with murders cheaper

I'm jealous, I want to live on "Chicken Dinner Road"! Best road name Ever!! Paul "I'd rather see a sermon than hear a sermon" Originally Posted by Wannabebwana.

Alektorophobia (Fear of Chickens)

His creativity waning away under fluorescent lights of his office job, he finally discovered his own personal antidote: doodling some cheeky chickens on yellow sticky notes. He began uploading these drawings to his Savage Chickens blog in , and over 18, cartoons later, his chickens are as cleverand absurdas ever. The Savage Chickens must too contend with their mundane office environment, but with a little help from their favorite colleagues and friends, it's not difficult for them to find diversions read: trouble.

From pirates and time-travelers to Middle Earth and M. Zombies According to Savage Chickens is not that guide; however, this e-book original collection of comics certainly makes for a more amusing read, which, after all, is what truly matters. Doug Savage, the cartoonist who has maintained the hilarious Savage Chickens web comic blog since by uploading sticky notes illustrated with the antics of his clever cast of characters, has imagined another memorable type of Savage Chicken: the Zombie Chickens.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that they run amuck all day looking for the next lucky person in the land-of-the-living to provide lunch.

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