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Have each child choose a card from a hat - have on each card the color name written in that color of course. The child then needs to jump to the other side of the ring course using only their color rings. Deb suggests: "leap frog relay race.

Funny Happy Birthday Song. Frogs sing Happy Birthday To You

You play music and they 'swim' around the pads but mustn't touch them until you stop the music and everyone has to dash for a pad like musical chairs. One viewer suggests: You can set up an obstacle style course in the life cycle of a tad pole. Have the children start out popping out of an egg type shell can be a pillow case and then do a 'potato sack' thing for when they are tad poles, Then when they jump out that is when the tad pole gets it's legs Make lily pads from fun foam for the kids to toss frog bean bags onto - the lily pads could be different sizes, with the smaller pads having higher 'points' a plastic visor from a craft store or a dollar store to make frog visors.

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FOOD: The purchase of one appropriately shaped cookie cutter can go a long way! The children can decorate their cookies with icing and sprinkles as a food activity. Glue small images from coloring pages or clipart onto toothpicks. Let dry.

Cheering Frogs - Birthday Greeting Card

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Birthday cake fail: Dad angered over supermarket’s ‘pathetic’ decorating

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