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  1. The meaning and origin of the expression: Fool's errand
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In search of wisdom and optimized selves, how might young people draw on the experiences and life lessons of our seniors? How can we treasure and deploy our seniors for all they have to offer? Where can the generations intersect and integrate their lives?

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Moderator: Ryan Frederick, a Gathering participant and real estate developer focused on intergenerational housing. Contrarian Investments: Spotting Entrepreneurial Talent in Unusual Places Finding and developing talented leaders are essential skills for investors as well as philanthropists.

The meaning and origin of the expression: Fool's errand

What can we learn from our speakers who have searched for talent in unusual places? Alfa Demmellash, CEO of Rising Tide Capital , contends that entrepreneurial talent can be found in overlooked places and among forgotten people. Michael Gibson, General Partner at the Fund , believes that modern higher education has failed many of its students and that seismic changes in history come outside the establishment track.

Moderator: Kurt Keilhacker, a Gathering participant and co-founder of Elementum Ventures , an early-stage investment fund, will help us draw insights.

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From Chicago, Dallas, and Waco, we convene three sets of diverse leaders who have spent decades immersed in serving the residents of their cities. Through cross-cultural friendships and organizational partnerships, they are tackling complex, interlocking issues like gun violence, failing education systems, and deteriorating job prospects.

A Fool’s Errand | Steve Kramer | The Blogs

And they are wrestling with how the church can contribute to the collective transformation of local neighborhoods. Despite pockets of deteriorating health in areas of lawlessness and violence, the world is generally moving in a positive direction. More people in poor countries have better access to caregivers, medicine, and nutrition. What are some of the reasons for this improvement in global health?

What remains to be done?

We’ll Send You on a Fool’s Errand — In a Good Way!

And how can ministries offer a distinctly Christian service? Moderator: Robin Bruce is a Gathering participant and President of the David Weekley Family Foundation , where global health is one of their philanthropic themes. Join us in a wide-ranging and freewheeling conversation about current events and the underlying forces shaping the news.

Helping us chart the symptoms and diagnose the issues: Michael Gerson, nationally syndicated columnist at The Washington Post and former senior aide to President George W.

By Fred Smith. Fred is the founder of The Gathering, an international association of individuals, families and private foundations giving to Christian ministries. He and his wife, Carol, have two grown daughters and a son-in-law. They also have three well-loved grandchildren. John Kelly February 22, Fred Smith February 22, Jack Modesett February 22, Fred Smith February 28, I like that. Ray was right about lots of things.

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