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The estimate of recycling potentials has shown to be an interesting exercise, with promising perspectives as a field of future investigation. The methodology proposed is illustrated with few examples: Indium, Tungsten, Copper and Aluminium.

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A general conclusion is that recycling indicators need to be assessed by taking into account materials individually and using material system analyses MSA -derived data. Further expansion of raw materials coverage in MSA studies is needed and an update of the MSA study is advisable, as it used data which is partly outdated by now.

Sustainable Resources. But this car is more than an experiment in eco-friendliness.

Recycled Racer Libro EPUB, PDF

It's a real racer built with top-shelf components on a proven chassis, and it's slated to make demonstration runs at big-ticket races to prove going fast and going green aren't mutually exclusive. The car comes as auto racing is trying to clean up its act and the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile — the governing body for Formula 1 and other top-tier races — wants to make the sport greener and the technology behind it more relevant to the cars we drive.

F1 is experimenting with kinetic energy-recovery systems, diesels have dominated Le Mans and Peugeot plans to race a hybrid at Le Mans in Volkswagen is running biodiesel in the Jetta TDI Cup series in the United States, and there are even an electric race car and an algal-fuel racer in the works. WorldFirst Racing, which is sponsored by Warwick University and the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Center, wants to move beyond alternative drivetrains and bring new thinking to racing.

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And in a field where the best technology usually moves from the track to the street, World First Racing is taking it from the street to the track. The project builds on the success the university and the manufacturing research center enjoyed with Eco One, its first enviro-racer. It was a small car — more of a kart, really — that used things like hemp and rapeseed for the bodywork.

Learn how to make toys out of recycled materials!

That car was said to be 95 percent recyclable or biodegradable. WorldFirst took a similar approach to the F3 car.

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Much of the body is made from recycled carbon fiber, with renewable material used for several key components. The wing endplates are potato starch covered with flax fiber. Those curvaceous side pods are flax fiber and resin from recycled plastic bottles. The aerodynamic vanes, called bargeboards, behind the front suspension arms are natural fibers. The seat has a flax-fiber shell, recycled polyester and soybean oil foam, technology cribbed from aircraft manufacturer Lear.

Go Green | EiE | Museum of Science, Boston

The driver grips a steering wheel made of curran, a material derived from carrots that's said to be as strong as carbon fiber. The team says "safety-critical components" came from conventional suppliers used by other teams, so the car is perfectly safe despite the unconventional bodywork. A sexy body and solid chassis only get you so far in racing. You also need a great engine.

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WorldFirst is using a turbocharged 2. It runs on biodiesel made of veggie oil and waste chocolate, of all things.

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All the lubricants are derived from plant oil. The wiring loom uses recycled and halogen-free materials instead of polyvinyl, a move intended to make it more easily recycled. The radiators feature a catalyst that reduces ground-level ozone by converting ozone molecules to oxygen. Volvo uses similar technology, and, depending upon the radiator design, the catalyst can destroy as much as 80 percent of the ozone that passes over it, WorldFirst says.

The engineers are still tuning the engine, but the goal is horsepower and pound-feet of torque.